Lodge Life: Week 21

We had an extra special week celebrating Hannah’s 2nd birthday and enjoying a few bonus days with Alex, as he took off some time from work.

Our week started out with a busy Monday – I took the kids to the beach that morning, then we made a post-nap trip into town to a blueberry farm.

We beat the crowds to the beach and enjoyed some sunshine and a calm lake, then headed for home before too many people arrived.

It was an absolute scorcher that day – 97 degrees when we were at the farm. I figured the heat would keep the crowds at bay and I was right! We had the farm all to ourselves.

The kids and I had such a blast at the blueberry farm. Naturally, we picked blueberries.

The farm also boasted some beautiful rows of flowers and invited us to bring home a bouquet of freshly cut zinnias.

My flower-loving boy was so enamored by the rows and rows of brightly colored zinnias and helped make the selections.

Hannah’s second birthday came mid-week, along with the start of Alex’s time away from work.

For our beach loving birthday girl we made a trip to the beach. Our time there was rather quick, as it ended up being extremely windy.

The rest of the day was spent celebrating our sweet girl and playing with some of her new toys.

It’s been so sweet watching her take care of her new babies and push them in the stroller.

We enjoyed birthday cupcakes in honor of our adorable two-year old.

Late in the week we packed up the car and set out on a day trip to Winthrop, Washington, a quaint town in the Methow Valley, located 2.5 hours north east of The Lodge. It’s a town known for cross country skiing in the winter, wildflowers in the spring and its beautiful scenery in the summer. I can only imagine how striking the autumn backdrop is with all of the aspen trees changing colors in fall.

We were a little nervous about the drive, as our last day trip was only 1.5 hours away. It was 1.5 hours of misery for us all, thank you, Hannah. But this trip was different, thank you Kindles! Both kids did exceptionally well and there was virtually no napping, surprisingly.

We spent a little time walking the streets of Winthrop, taking in the charm of the old western town.

We were so impressed by the seriousness with which folks were taking the pandemic. I’d say at least 90% of people walking around {outside} were wearing masks. People would move off the sidewalk to also provide the recommended six feet of separation. It wasn’t very crowded at all, and we felt so comfortable being there.

Of course we got ice cream at Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe. It was absolutely delicious!

Ben led us on a bike ride/walk across the river where we could take in the views some more.

Our final stop in the Methow was Pearrygin State Park. This was the highlight of the trip for the kids. They absolutely LOVED swimming at the beach.

It was a quiet beach with sand and relatively few people, 100% of whom kept to themselves. Hannah was extra excited to have both Alex and me in the water. It was the most comfortable and adventurous I’ve ever seen her in a lake before. She had several tumbles from the waves and got knocked down and pushed under water but quickly relaxed and went back to having fun.

Our excursion was extra fun because none of us had ever been to the Methow before. I had signed up for a half marathon taking place there in May 2020, which of course was canceled. I was most disappointed with the cancellation because I had been looking forward to exploring the area.

We hope to return to the area as soon as we possibly can. We have so much more to see and do.

In other musings, Alex decided to buzz his hair. I’m not sure what he’ll torture us with next but I’m guessing we’ll find out in August.

Have you tried ButcherBox? We’re partway through our first box and so far I’m impressed. If you haven’t heard of it, ButcherBox is a meat delivery subscription service.

Hannie and I perused the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview over the weekend. I look forward to this sale all year long. It’s where I stock up on my kiddos winter outerwear, I usually find shoes and boots for them {and myself!} and get great deals on next season’s clothing. I’m still shopping the preview and my wishlist is filling up!

The kids are living in the sprinklers and splash pad. It feels like I’m making a new batch of ice pops every other day. We’re savoring all the al fresco dining. Summer is in full swing and we are loving it!

Our weekend was full. Alex got a mountain bike ride in both days and I got a run in Saturday and Sunday, as well.

To finish off the long weekend together we piled in the car and headed for a 95 degree jaunt at Ski Hill. Alex did a mountain bike ride, Ben did a “mountain bike” ride and Hannah and I tagged behind.

We picked up a pizza from one of our favorite spots in town, Tumwater Bakery, and picniced in the parking lot.

We’re gearing up for our last week out at The Lodge as a family of four. We have some major changes on the horizon – Alex’s parents are expected to arrive early next week and stay through mid-September. Also happening next week is Alex’s first day of his new job {same company, different team}. We’re preparing to move back to Seattle in just a few weeks in anticipation of Ben’s school beginning in September. Lots going on out here!