Hannah is 22 Months!

Our Hannie girl is 22-months old and is growing up right before our eyes in the mountains. This is the third month-by-month update I’ve done for her while we’ve been social distancing at The Lodge. She truly is going to be a different kid whenever it is we move back home to Seattle! I wonder if she’ll remember our house and our cat and our neighborhood?

Hannah’s 22-Month Stats:

  • Weight: 26 pounds, 6 oz {88th percentile – as of 1/22}
  • Length: 32 inches {60th percentile – as of 1/22}
  • Clothing size: 2T
  • Shoe size: toddler size 5 – new slip-on Crocs this month!
  • Number of teeth: thirteen, with #14 almost all the way in
  • Favorite foods: smoothies, pasta, cheese, any fruit, cottage cheese, COOKIES
  • Least favorite foods: beef, chicken
  • Favorite things/activities: reading books, playing anything with Ben, digging in the sand, climbing, swinging, watering, seeing animals, pouring water, and taking baths.
  • Least favorite things/activities: waiting, not getting what she wants

This has been a really big and fun developmental month for Hannah. She’s made some really significant language leaps, as well as physical leaps with potty training and coordination.

Some of my favorite things Hannah is saying right now:

  • “Mama! Watch me!” {or Dada, Ben or Puppy}
  • “Mama, I want {insert name of what she wants}”
  • “Ben see!” {she always wants to show Ben whatever she finds}

Hannah has been talking SO MUCH lately. Her vocabulary is exploding. She has been repeating words a lot and I’d estimate she’s using between 2-5 new words a day.

So many times during the day Hannah runs through the list of people in our family, including “Puppy” {what she calls Jackson} to inquire about everyone’s whereabouts, if they have a certain body part, if they like a certain thing or if they want a certain thing. Occasionally she’ll add names of people she knows, like Shelly, our mail carrier, or Kelly, our next door neighbor, or Dan, the horse across the street.

When something is in context I usually know what she’s talking about but Hannah goes off on these tangents and she’ll just be talking and talking and talking and you can pick out a few words here and there, but overall it’s anyone’s best guess what she’s saying. It is absolutely precious seeing how much she has to say. I only wish I knew what more of the words were.

One day last week something clicked with Hannah and potty training. We’re taking an extremely laissez faire approach to potty training our youngest and are just hoping she figures it out herself. Turns out, she is!

She is certainly not potty trained by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s well on her way. It helps that she wants nothing to do with diapers.

Hannah is crazy about her “Puppy,” as she affectionately calls Jackson. She wants to take him for walks, she constantly calls him to come in for a treat and she just loves on him like he’s her best friend. She has a huge heart for animals.

Hannah has always been very independent in certain ways. Lately she’s started to try to get herself dressed. She will sit on the ground, completely focused, and try to put on her pants or a sock or a shirt on as pants for a really long time. Her natural resilience is impressive! I’m often floored at how persistent she is without getting frustrated.

This girl is my little helper. When she notices something out of place, like the corner of the rug is flipped up, for example, or if something gets caught in a drawer and is sticking out, she’s at the ready to fix it. Hannie is always first in line with the step stool when there is something going on in the kitchen. I think she’s hoping to be the first to steal some of the sweet treats or pick olives off the pizza we’re trying to make.

Hannah is extremely strong-willed. She wins the award for most stubborn family member and it’s a hotly contended one, with her father being the runner up. I can only imagine what Hannie will be like as a teenager. She’s tough and she wants to have a good time. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is extremely bright and cheery and friendly and just delightful to be around. Her laugh is music to my ears and she smiles with her whole body.

That said, she’s a force to be reckoned with. I will do absolutely everything to help her become a confident woman, because if she has confidence, man oh man this girl can do absolutely anything. She has a very bright future ahead.

Alex and I just cannot get enough of this girl. She is a whirlwind and a complete spitfire and my goodness her personality is just so much fun. She’s going to be a party girl for sure.

Ben is 22 months old