Four Years

Today Alex and I are celebrating our anniversary! Last year I let the cat out of the bag that we secretly got married a year before our wedding, so in case you missed the memo, this is our fourth anniversary. While our short time as Mr & Mrs Allen has been wonderful, this last year of marriage has been particularly fantastic and full of travel, adventures and a lot of fun.

Happy Anniversary, my love!
Happy Anniversary, my love!

As we are entering into our fifth year of marriage now I have to take a moment to count my blessings and realize just how fortunate Alex and I are. We are so lucky to have met each other so early in our lives, and by some miracle, to realize at 18 how great we had it. We are two pretty different people than we were as college freshmen when we met – it is remarkable that we’ve not only stayed together through many of life’s big transitions, but our relationship has found strength and much joy over the years.


To celebrate our fourth anniversary we are taking a little weekend getaway to Washington wine country. We will stay overnight and check out some new wineries we haven’t experienced yet.


I am really looking forward to what’s in store for us this year – we have a lot of wonderful things on the horizon. For now, I’ll just take a trip down memory lane and re-live the best day of our lives so far and recall the wonderful, incredible marriage we pride ourselves on having.



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