Four Months Down!

…and still a long way to go!

{17 weeks today!}
{17 weeks today! Not the best outfit for a belly photo, but at least you can see a little bump in there.}

Four Month Stats:

  • “How are you feeling?”: (#1 question – yes I’m getting tired of it!) just fine, thank you!
  • Food cravings: Really none – loving cheese, but not craving it.
  • Weight gain: 2 pounds
  • Baby’s heart rate: 160 beats per minute
  • Pregnancy symptoms: The last few weeks my symptoms have transitioned into having a sore back, a little bit of acid reflux but not bad at all, headaches, very easily annoyed {sorry in advance}, tire easily, dyslexia {is that a pregnancy symptom!?}. Overall I’m feeling really well, though!
  • Doctor’s appointments: Blood work this week, then 19-week ultrasound in mid-February, then a regular doctor’s appointment the following week.
  • Medical concerns: Microcephaly – our Mexico trip coincided with the very early part of my pregnancy and in case you’ve been living under a rock, the zika virus + pregnancy = very bad outcome for baby. I’m like 2% concerned that I am affected by zika because I don’t recall getting bitten by a mosquito, but we’ll find out after our ultrasound.
  • Highlights at this point: Getting a lot of energy back in the second trimester, starting to eat more normally, not getting up as much to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • What I’m excited for: Right now I’m really excited about finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl, feeling the babe wiggle around and actually looking pregnant to a stranger.
  • Downsides at this point: Having to sleep on my side now – I am not a side sleeper and it hasn’t exactly been the easiest transition. I’ve been in the “in between” stage where my regular clothes aren’t fitting nicely but I’m not nearly big enough for a lot of my maternity stuff yet, so nothing fits!
  • Things I miss: I really miss sleeping through the night and enjoying coffee.
  • Things we’ve done to prepare for baby: We started a baby shopping list and have picked out a lot of the nursery/big stuff we’d like, we’ve discussed our daycare intentions and my going back to work plan, found a birth and new parent support class and have gotten a few baby parenting books. We talk a lot, but we haven’t done anything tangible quite yet.
  • Name ideas: You’ll just have to wait! We’ve got a girl name picked out but our list of boy names is not as solid.
  • Nursery ideas: We’ve picked out nursery furniture, naturally from Pottery Barn, and we’re going with a light gray, white colors with either light pink/blue accents. We’re holding off on buying any baby stuff quite yet because of the limited space in our house.

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