Ben’s Nursery

Ben’s nursery is all ready for him to come home to! We just love how well everything came together in his room. The theme we were after for his nursery was a modern mountain theme, which sort of comes across, but mostly it’s a calming mix of grays, blues and whites with a few mountain accents here and there. Eventually we’ll add some more mountainy things to the space.


When we embarked on creating this nursery we were thinking that the room would be a great size, but it turns out, babies come with a lot of stuff and we quickly realized that a room twice this size would have been ideal. We’ve been really creative with storage and have employed some cute storage baskets and are using the space under the crib and in the closet for extra storage. The trouble is that we don’t have a coat closet in our house and Ben’s room will remain our coat and ski storage closet, in addition to his clothes closet, so it’s a multipurpose solution.


I’ve been spending¬†a lot of time in this comfy chair lately! Even though Ben isn’t home, I’m still providing breast milk for him by way of pumping, which I have to do every 3 hours round the clock. I have my little set up here and love spending time in the nursery.

20160610_210623599_iOSOne of my favorite parts of the room is these prints above the dresser. We hope that Ben loves the outdoors as much as we do! The dresser is stocked full of diapers, wipes, PJs and all of the necessities we could think of for Ben. Next to the dresser we’ve got a cute little basket filled with blankets and swaddles ready to grab at a moment’s notice.


I am so excited to start reading these wonderful stories to Ben when he comes home! We received a¬†ton of books as gifts for Ben {so many that we have an overflowing storage basket filled with books too!} and I really can’t wait for story time together. I love children’s books and as soon as he gets home we’ll start plowing through these great books.

We’re not sure yet when Ben will be able to come home, but when we get the green light, his room will be ready for him! Our fingers are crossed that he’ll be home sometime in June…