Backyard Makeover

A big thanks to my mom for all of her help with our little backyard makeover. I had been intending on doing some planting in two areas of our backyard but had no idea what to do with the space so when my mom came out for a visit I enlisted her help.

There is about a foot of space between the retaining wall and the fence. I wanted to add some life back there. Here’s how it started:


We planted fushia, three rose bushes and a shrub called smokeybush {I think}. Hopefully some of the plants will cascade down the retaining wall while the roses climb a little higher on the fence line. Each plant has a purple hue to it. I love the colors against the fence and the retaining wall and they look great together.

After.... waiting for maturity!
After…. waiting for maturity!
Another vantage point
Another vantage point

Behind our patio is a small space that’s just dirt.


I suppose we could have planted grass seed or laid some sod but we decided to do ground cover and some small shrubs that will cover up the dirt. It will take a while for the ground cover and shrubs to expand and look how we want it to look, but for now, it’s a step in the right direction.

Shrubs will expand a bit and fill out the area behind the patio.


This will eventually spread and cover the whole area.
This will eventually spread and cover the whole area. The ground cover we got is called “Baby Tears.”

I’m really looking forward to watching everything grow and spread this summer as it begins to mature. For now I just need to remember to water!

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