Ali’s Favorite Things 2021

This post almost slipped by me, but my friend just reminded me, so here it is! I actually have quite a few new favorites this year. Our lifestyle has changed quite a bit with the pandemic and mountain living, so a lot of things are updated. Be sure to check the bottom of the post for my favorite things from years’ past – especially 2020.

Personal Items

Apple Watch – Alex gave me an Apple Watch for Mother’s Day this year and I just love it. It has truly been life-changing for me. It allows me to disconnect SO much from my phone, but be connected to texts/phone calls in case something urgent comes up.

Apple Fitness Plus – this is essentially the Peloton App, but brought to you by Apple. The integration with the watch is impressive – my activity rings are up on the TV screen, along with the time and my output. I have been enjoying yoga, core and strength classes to unwind in the evenings. You do need an Apple Watch for Fitness+.

Honest Company Skincare – shout out to my friend Cam for turning me on to how absolutely amazing the Honest Company’s skincare line is! Loving their everyday moisturizers, especially the tinted moisturizer, oh, and the mascara is a dream.

Insulated Tumbler – I’m admittedly a little late to the Yeti game, and I do regret that. Gosh they make a great tumbler! This is perfect for keeping coffee hot at home or on-the-go, or you can do iced coffee with a lid and straw, too.

Weekly Planner Page – I started using this last year and it is tremendously helpful for me to organize my weeks. I just love how it’s laid out.

Household Items

Norwex Cloths – have you heard of these!? You don’t need anything but water + one of these cloths to clean your house. Easy peasy!


Lodge Dutch Oven – I have been using my dutch oven a lot this fall. I love cooking soups and chili. This is such an affordable dutch oven, compared to some competitors. I’ve had mine for 10 years now!

Kitchen Scale – why do Americans not weigh their ingredients!? I am a recent convert and my goodness, it is so, so, so much easier and more accurate to weigh everything out.


Free Fly Leggings – these lightweight leggings are my absolute favorite legging ever. I lived in these in the late summer/early fall days.

Athleta Salutation Stash II Leggings – these rival the Free Fly leggings, but are more full-length and thicker for cooler weather.

Athleta Fleece Lined Leggings – I featured these last year, too, and couldn’t leave them off the list. These are perfect for chilly winter days outside.

Free Fly tops – these were my favorite thing in the late summer and fall {they also make a tank}, especially paired with my Free Fly leggings. The easiest outfit!


Patagonia Backpack – this is my new “mom bag” – I had to update my fancy leather backpack to a much more mountain mom appropriate backpack and this one is absolute perfection. You surely don’t need to be a mountain mama to love it either.

Hiking Socks – Darn Tough makes amazing hiking and ski socks. They have a lovely mix of synthetics and merino wool, and a low enough percentage of wool in some of their socks that I can wear them without itching!

Hiking Backpack – I am *loving* my new Osprey Sirrus 36 hiking backpack. It’s perfect for day hikes.


Everyday shoes – gosh these are great! I love Forsake – they’re perfect for mountain or city living. What I love, though, is that they’re slip-on everyday shoes you can walk around town in, chase your kids in or wear for a hike. All in one pair of shoes.

Ugg Slippers – I’ve got to add these again this year. My absolute favorite slipper ever.


REI Brand Down Coat/Vest – these rival Patagonia and come at a fraction of the price. I have an extra down parka in my car for emergencies.


Magnolia Journal – wow, just wow. This publication is so thoughtful and poignant. The themes always seem to hit me at just the right time.

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah – oh my gosh. Absolutely one of my top 5 favorite books ever. I *plowed* through this hefty book and could not put it down. This is a historical fiction set during the Dust Bowl. It was so captivating and eye opening and changed my perspective on a lot.

Brave Enough by Jessie Diggins – I adored this book. Alex got it for me for Christmas last year. Jessie tells the story of how she became a world champion cross country skier. I loved learning about her childhood, especially since she grew up not far from me in Minnesota.

Past Favorite Things: