A Perfect Weekend at Home

We are still recuperating from our very busy summer, so that made it extra nice to have a quiet, relaxing weekend at home. As if that wasn’t great enough on its own, the weather was absolutely fantastic. We are having quite the Indian summer here in Seattle and I am loving it, though I have to admit I wish it was a tad bit cooler…

{These leg warmers will be great this fall once the temps actually do drop...}
{These leg warmers will be great this fall once the temps actually do drop…}

I was a bit under the weather for most of Friday. I realized {on Saturday} that I had been having some eye troubles. I have a condition called strabismus, which means I am cross-eyed. I had corrective surgery as a child but every now and then it flares up out of nowhere. I am having a pretty good flare up now, which started last week {yes mom I’m going to the eye doctor, please don’t worry!}. Friday was the worst of it and at that point I hadn’t connected the dots that it was my eye that was causing my awful headache and nausea. Anyway, this is not a blog titled “Whining with the Allens” so I’ll move on…

{got these fancy new reading glasses to try to help!}
{got these fancy new reading glasses to try to help!}


After sleeping for the better part of the day, I eventually rose and felt well enough to attend dinner/drinks and the movie premier for Almost Ablaze, a Teton Gravity Research ski movie, with our friends. Ski movies are always really fun and get us stoked for the impending ski season. The best part of the night was when Alex won a shotski! It’s pretty high-tech and I’m sure it will make a few appearances this winter.


The theme of Saturday and Sunday was nothing. We had no agenda, nothing to do, and we were so relaxed! After a quick breakfast on Saturday we decided to head over to the dog park and throw the ball around with Jackson and take a nice walk through the trails over there.

I have been shopping at Whole Foods more lately and there is a really nice one near the dog park in Redmond. I have loved Whole Foods for some time now, but more recently I have been realizing how surprisingly affordable it is. Yes you read that right. I have been shocked the last two times we were there with how much I bought and how little it cost. And the best part is that Whole Foods in our area just partnered with a company called Insta Cart that is basically a personal grocery shopper. See ya later, Amazon Fresh!

Anyway, after our excursion I set off to the kitchen to whip up some chili while Alex took our new carpet cleaner for a spin. We had a really fun last two weeks with our pets {insert sarcasm} which led us to purchase our own carpet cleaner. The results are in and it is AMAZING. This is the one we bought. We love it not just because it works well {should be obvious}, but also because it has a separate compartment for clean water and dirty water, it’s easy to use and the attachments are fabulous.


In other fun household purchases, I got these incredible silicone baking cups {aka muffin liners} recently and I just cannot get enough of them. If you ever plan to make muffins, cupcakes, egg cups or anything using a muffin tin ever again in your life you must consider these. They are a game changer in my kitchen!


The rest of the weekend was oh so relaxing. Alex spent some time playing his video game. We took Jackson for a run on Sunday through the arboretum. I made a killer Mexican egg scramble on Sunday morning. We made a killer batch of pad Thai on Sunday night. I did a little fall gardening to freshen up our front porch. We even squeezed in another trip to bottlehouse for a happy hour glass of wine on Sunday afternoon. Oh it was a great weekend!


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