Yard Reno… Take 5…

With all of the time we spend working on our backyard you’d think we lived on an acre parcel, when in fact our lot is just over 3,000 square feet. Given those stats it’s a wonder why we spend so much time working on the yard. It is just a never ending saga with us, I guess!

The latest update with the backyard is that we decided to lay a walkway from our patio out to the gate this weekend. The grass seed we planted in that area wasn’t germinating and that spot seems to always turn into a mud pit in the winter. Since it’s kind of a thoroughfare we thought that a little stone walkway would help alleviate some of the mud from the rainy season.

Here is our new walkway! We are excited to see how the grass comes in around the stones.
Here is our new walkway! We are excited to see how the grass comes in around the stones.

After spending a solid month in a splint with a broken wrist Alex was tired of feeling like a useless gimp so he gave himself a little project. Ever since we moved into our house we have been eager to stain our back stairs but we never bit the bullet and did it. Finally, Alex got the ambition to check that off the list and the stairs have never looked better!

Back stairs before...
Back stairs before… This is after the stairs got scrubbed with TSP – we didn’t get a true “before” photo.
Back stairs after!
Back stairs after! Now we just need to muster up the motivation to stain the fence to match the stairs.

I am having very mixed success with the plants and flowers that we have in our yard. We’ll see how they fare over the summer… We are crossing our fingers that the grass seed we’ve planted {for the 9th time} will come in sometime in the next year. Ultimately, we are really frustrated with our yard right now and are hoping things finally start coming together and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.


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