Winter is Here!

This winter feels a little more precarious than our previous winters in the mountains. We are experiencing an El Nino weather pattern this winter. It’s been much warmer than usual, as it is in much of the U.S.

We’re really lucky in that we have had two big snowstorms at our house. Because of that, we’ve been able to maintain our snowpack base. I would be so bummed if we didn’t have any snow right now!

It seems like the theme for this winter might be “get it while you can” – we’ll really have to take advantage of good snow while it’s available.

Ben and Hannah were so excited for the first snowstorm, which came on December 2nd, and they played outside all day. I think they were in and out of their snow gear 8 times that day. It was so fun!

Hannah goes to school outside and has been coming home filled with joy from fun in the snow, and also soaked on the outside. {PSA – Reima has the best gear for kiddos! Their snowsuits and mittens are *amazing* and actually keep kiddos dry!}

Alex is training and preparing for a big backcountry ski hut trip in March and he’s been out ski touring a few times already. Ski touring involves sticking “skins” to the bottom of your skis and skiing in a zig-zag up a mountain, removing the skins and then skiing down. It’s a great way to explore new terrain and have a lot more solitude than the resort can provide.

We’ve all been out for several Nordic ski days – our local trail system has been amazing and is basically the only place with snow! We feel so lucky this winter.

Our neighbors requested permission from a few property owners and ended up cutting a trail right out in our field. It’s a short loop {about .7 miles}, but so much fun to be able to ski right from our house.

We have been out for our first few family downhill skiing days and had so much fun! Ben and Hannah have a deep love of downhill skiing and it brings Alex and me such joy watching them ski and seeing how much they enjoy something we love so much, too.

Alex prepped and filled the ice rink a few weeks ago now. We’re still waiting for it to freeze. Our temperatures haven’t been getting or staying below freezing consistently enough. We felt like we had to just go for it this year and now we’re playing the waiting game. Hopefully next week will be a little colder.

Our family thrives in the winter and absolutely loves snow sports and snow play. We’re so excited for our collective favorite season and all that comes with it.

Please join us in doing your snow dances!

Happy winter!!