Weekly Recap

With heavy hearts full of memories, Alex and I laid our sweet Aspen to rest yesterday. One of our favorite things to do with Aspen was to take her up to the mountain where we ski and go for hikes in the snow with her. I never saw her happier than she was when she was bounding through fresh powder, catching snowballs in her mouth or just prancing along on the snowy path. We thought it would be a perfect place to spread her ashes. We walked up the trail where we usually took her on a little hike and we found a beautiful clearing where she now rests in peace. Now, every time we go up to Crystal Mountain, Aspen will be there with us, watching over us.

Crystal Mountain


We made the most of the rest of the day yesterday and had a great time skiing with Carrie and Patrick. There was a bizarre temperature inversion and it was foggy and 35 degrees in Seattle, but it was sunny and 45 degrees at the top of the mountain. It was such a treat to have a spring ski day in the middle of January! The snow was fun to ski in and we came across some new runs and new areas that we had never skied before. It always amazes us how much Crystal Mountain has to offer!

Crystal Mountain 1.19

Our week was much less exciting than the last one, which, given the circumstances, I am a-okay with. The main highlight is that we are doing a bit of decorating in our house. We have purchased/ordered several things for the walls to jazz up the rooms a bit, so once everything arrives and is hung, I will post some pictures now that we will finally have some completed spaces in our house. After this week, hopefully our music-themed media room will be decorated and done. Then… onto the dining room. Maybe by the time we sell our house it will be completed!

Crystal Mountain 1.19 x 3

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