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March {Powder} Madness

March is notorious for being the month with the highest chances of skiing powder. At least that’s the case here in the Cascade Mountains. We were starting to think that it wouldn’t happen, but March 2013 sure has lived up to our expectations.

St. Patrick's Powder!

St. Patrick’s Powder and frosty hair!

St. Patrick’s day brought us an unexpected powder day – the best of the season, in fact. We skied deep, light powder all day long. Since we weren’t expecting powder, neither Alex or I brought our powder skis out for the occasion. For the last several winters I watched Alex continuously having so much fun on his S7 powder skis, so I couldn’t resist and got some for myself. St. Patty’s Day would have been the perfect opportunity to try them out for the first time, but my everyday skis {Line Celebrity 90s} rocked the conditions just as well.


…And I got another opportunity to bring out the big girls!


Rocking the Rossi's

Rocking the Rossi’s

Thursday morning I swung through SeaTac Airport to get my dad, then we headed out to Crystal for Powder Day Numero Dos… complete with my S7s.


Thursday and Friday were both great days on the mountain, delivering soft, fresh turns and free refills wherever we skied. Everything got tracked out really quickly, but we found some deep, un-touched snow hiding out in Northway.


Sunday was not a powder or a bluebird day Рjust typical conditions for the Cascades. We got up to Alpental expecting the sun to be shining in full force and were disappointed that it came out only as we left. It was a great day on the groomers and we even had some soft snow {and a whole lot of bumps} on International.

IMG_5251I ended up having to call it quits earlier than I had hoped, due to a sore knee, but I was just as happy to sit by the fire and watch all of the gapers {people who don’t know what they’re doing but try to pretend they do} and little rippers come down the mountain. Afterwards, we drove over to Summit West to watch their first-ever pond skimming event. We are hoping that they’ll bring this event back next year so Alex can participate.

Pond Skimming @ Summit West

Pond Skimming @ Summit West


What’s Next?

This has been a week of significant loss. We lost our puppy, my grandmother, and now, basically my job (my hours were significantly reduced, which means I am in the market for a new job). I am determined to move on from the difficult week and turn things around for the better. My roller coaster ride is on its way back up and I am focusing on the positive things I have going on in my life, along with the positive opportunities I can create for myself and others.

Now that I will have a lot more time in my days, I’d like to fill that time with productive and thoughtful tasks and activities. I’m sure I will spend a lot of time looking for a new job, but also doing things I enjoy most: writing, reading new books on my Kindle, cooking, planning our upcoming trip to Hawaii (!!!!!), pinning new recipes on Pinterest, working on projects around the house, going to the gym in the middle of the day, along with mentally preparing for our next puppy, and just enjoying time to myself while I’ve got the chance. I also plan to volunteer more and see what good deeds I can come up with.

My first good deed was calling Aspen’s doggie daycare and asking them to donate Aspen’s remaining pre-paid sessions to Aspen’s best doggie friends who she loved to play with. We gave away Aspen’s open bags of kibble to her puppy friend, Emma, and we will give the extra canned food to a local pet food drive.

We’ll see what’s next on the list!