Stitch Fix #4

As a birthday present to myself I ordered my fourth Stitch Fix. I have previously been happy with the service, where the company basically becomes your personal stylist and sends you five items based on your style profile and requests. I was really looking forward to this one to jazz up my spring wardrobe. Here’s what I got:


  • Bleached denim jacket
  • White lace flowy tank
  • Geo print maxi skirt

The stylist sent me this as an outfit, which I’ve never had them do before. Usually it’s individual pieces that they make other suggestions about. I think it’s a cute outfit, but it’s not really “me.”


This corally/peachy lace dress was the only thing in the “fix” that I thought really looked like my style. I do like this dress and will keep it. I think it’s great for a rehearsal dinner or a casual wedding or just during the day in the summer.


This is the lacy top on its own. I am not one who cares for flowy shirts like this, so I decided to send this one back.


With a different shirt I started to like this outfit a lot more. I have a lot of tops that would work well on their own with this skirt, plus a few jackets that I can mix and match to switch things up. This is the jacket that I was sent with my Stitch Fix.


Here is almost the same outfit with a denim jacket I already had! Not much of a difference. I am surprised I like the denim jacket – it’s been quite a while since I’ve donned mine – but since I’ve already got one, I don’t see the need to have two.

I also got sent a very basic necklace – it is a “silver” chain with a little one inch by 1/8 inch blob of metal. Totally not my style and just unnecessary for me. That’s going back too.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with this Stitch Fix. It didn’t seem like the stylist paid much attention to my style. I’m not a trendy girl and I really don’t care for most of the clothing trends right now, so I think that was overlooked. But, I’m happy to have the new skirt, which I would not have picked out on my own, and a new dress.

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