PNW Adventure: Scenic Beach

Mid-March I was ready to lose my mind with pandemic boredom and monotony. We spent most of the month of March in Seattle, so we planned a big/little day trip over to Hood Canal!

Our trip started with the kiddos first big ferry ride. This time we got to get out of the car and go inside the ferry. We took the ferry from downtown Seattle over to Bainbridge Island.

We made a quick stop in Bainbridge Island to pick up some always needed coffee and some delicious sandwiches at Hitchcock Deli.

Of course being March in the Pacific Northwest we knew the odds were against a perfectly sunny day {though it was the day before} and we prepared for rain. And rain is what we got.

Despite the wet weather we had a blast. The beach was perfect. And the rain kept everyone else away.

I couldn’t believe how many oyster shells we found. They were spectacularly beautiful and provided such a lovely variety.

The kids absolutely loved Scenic Beach and really just had the time of their lives. They couldn’t care less it was pouring and we were soaked {even though they were in full rain suits!}

We’d love to go back on a clear day to see what’s beyond the fog.