Morning Cuddles

I wouldn’t really consider Ben to be the cuddliest baby on the block {hint: there are no other babies on the block}. Sure, he likes to be held, but cuddled, not so much. It’s rare/unheard of for me to pick Ben up and go sit in the rocking chair and just snuggle. In fact, the first time it ever happened was yesterday!


There have been a few times I’ve managed to sit and read a couple pages of a book {never a full book, though!} in the rocking chair and I get lots of midnight cuddles after he falls asleep while eating {this makes getting up in the middle of the night easier!}, but there’s something about simply sitting and cuddling that doesn’t do it for Ben. I’m hoping that he’s turning a new leaf 🙂


Now that I’m back to work three days a week I am much more rushed those three days and I don’t get to spend as much time with Ben as I’d like. It makes our Mondays and Fridays extra special since we get to spend them together. We had some really special moments yesterday!