Mondays and Fridays

Right now I work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which leaves me home with Ben on Mondays and Fridays. I absolutely love my days at home with him.

{Oops! Accidental twinning!}
{Oops! Accidental twinning!}

I usually plan something to get us out of the house every afternoon, and conveniently, I have a lot of friends who don’t work on either Mondays or Fridays which makes it easy for play dates.


I am SO excited for our summer. The weather in Seattle over the summer is basically perfect and our options are endless. This week we met my cousin’s wife, Heidi, and their daughter, Claire, down at a park on the lake for a leisurely walk and to catch up. Ben and I had a few extra minutes so we set up our handy dandy picnic blanket {I’ve started keeping one in the car!} and watched the great blue herons, the ducks, the boats and the beautiful mountain and just hung out.


This fall my work hours are going to increase so I’ll only be home with Ben on Fridays. The change will only be for the school year, then I’ll drop back down to three days per week in the summer. I had gotten to a point with only working three days per week that I wasn’t feeling very effective at my job and it was leaving me overwhelmed and with too many things left undone at the end of every week.


It was a really hard decision – I was strongly considering stopping working altogether, but I really love my job and I do want to work. I  want to be effective and make my time away from Ben worthwhile. Also, it’s nice to have a break and have someone else take over for a little while.  I think it will be a good transition for us. Our nanny will be able to be more full-time with our family instead of bouncing between two families each week. I think it will be a positive change for us and I look forward to feeling like I’m making a more meaningful impact at work.

{Ben with his nanny - they were twinning too!}
{Ben with his nanny – they were twinning too!}

Until the fall, I am looking forward to taking Ben to the beach, having more time on our picnic blanket. spending time at the park, going for long walks and goofing around with him. He’s the best kid we could have asked for.