Meet Brooks!

It feels a little funny having such a quick turnaround from losing Jackson to welcoming a new puppy into our family, but we’re doing it! Let me introduce you to Brooks, the newest member of our little family.

My friend Kelsey was quick to say it’s never too soon to add more love in your life and she’s absolutely right. Our life with Jackson was so wonderful we just didn’t want to go another day without a dog.

It’s meant to be, said my friend Kailey, when I shared the news that the same breeder we got Jackson from had an available boy pup in less than two weeks. It sure feels like it, now that Brooks is home with us.

The kids are bonkers for him!

Both of them are great with Brooks in their own ways. It’s been really special to see this. I think five is a fantastic age for a puppy, actually.

Brooks is carrying out the ski theme we’ve chosen to name our dogs with. Brooks is the name of a chairlift and area at Stevens Pass, our local ski resort.

Brooks is SO sweet and surprisingly relaxed for a puppy. We are so, so happy to have him in our lives. We can’t wait for all the adventures he will be able to join us on… stay tuned!