Lodge Life: Week 19

We’ve been having the most mild summer out here in the Pacific Northwest. My kids’ fleeces are still out and regularly being put to use. And dang, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale got pushed back a month so Ben will be in a too-small fleece and rain coat until September.

Speaking of September, it’s weighing heavily on our minds out here. I’ll likely do a separate post about this, but as things stand right now, we’re planning on moving back home to Seattle mid to late-August for the kids to start school, in person.

Anywho, we’ve had just an absolutely lovely last few weeks out in the mountains. The weather has been mild, and occasionally downright chilly at times. We found ourselves at the beach one morning last week and it was 58 degrees and windy. We were frigid!

Thank goodness it was sunny.

Alex has been torturing us with new facial hair designs. Most recently, the mustache.

He always knows how to make us all laugh.

Early mornings are sacred adult time over here. Alex and I start our mornings with coffee in bed after I get ready for the day. It makes our days go so much smoother to be able to wake up, have some coffee and a conversation before being thrown into parenthood. Loving this little tray, which is perfect for our morning coffee and my biscotti.

Like most families with kids we have art supplies galore. It was a fun evening project to put together a little art cart for the kids to help contain the chaos.

I only have things on here that I’m okay with the kids helping themselves to. No glue. No scissors. No paint. Dear goodness none of that. For like 9 years for my two.

Case in point – thank you so much, Hannah, for dumping the bird seed on the ground. Such a helper.

We had a fun evening in town last week when we went in for the farmers market.

Summer produce is starting to arrive and our hauls are becoming much more exciting!

This one included fresh flowers, as chosen by Mr. Ben, our resident gardener.

We got all of the berries, so many peaches and more cherries.

We had a delightful picnic, complete with Ben’s flower arrangements, in a quiet park across the street from downtown Leavenworth.

Hannah is charting her own course in potty training these days. She was fully potty-trained, then we took away her chocolate chip rewards and now she’s taking matters into her own hands and taking care of business just however and wherever she pleases. Girl knows what she wants!

Our weekend was a bit funny. Saturday I had the day to myself. I ran a half marathon with my friend Joanna {more to come in another post}, then went into town solo.

I had been lamenting about not making time to read, one of my favorite pastimes, and was able to finish my book. It’s been the only book I’ve read while we’ve been up here, which is so different than I expected in the beginning. When Hannah was a newborn I was reading at least one book a week and I’d at least like to get back to reading a book a month at a minimum.

In any case, it was very nice to have a day to myself! It’s been more than four months since I’ve had the better part of a day “off.” I certainly don’t need much – a quick break here and there makes such a big difference.

Sunday, Alex ventured out on his solo day and went on a big mountain biking journey with some friends in Cle Elum – closer to Snoqualmie Pass, roughly 90 minutes from our mountain house. He reported that the ride was a greuling one, but it was nice to see some friends and explore a new area.

Our weekend was not filled with much family time, which is always disappointing, but it’s important for us to be adults every once in a while, too. We did; however, have a date night at home on Saturday. I whipped up some spaghetti carbonara and a caprese salad for our adult dinner.

All in all, it was a really nice week. We’re looking forward to maybe seeing some summer weather this week??