Lodge Life: Week 16

We had a really lovely week last week out here at The Lodge. The kids have been bonding in the sweetest ways and are really forming a friendship. It warms our hearts to see them playing together.

For the most part we were just at home last week, playing in the yard. I did take the kids out to the beach one warm and sunny afternoon.

I had expected the beach to be on the busy side {I was right} so I packed the kids’ bikes in the car just in case I didn’t feel comfortable with the crowds. We were able to find a little pocket of waterfront, secluded from others who seemed to be oblivious to the fact we’re amidst a pandemic, so we did stay.

The kids wanted to ride their bikes too, so off we went down the little trail. It was a picturesque spot for a bike ride.

Ben became enamored in making pipe cleaner flowers one day last week. It was adorable.

Friday night marked our typical homemade pizza night. While I love the toppings we choose, I think next time I want to stray from tradition. Any favorites out there? We usually do sausage, caramelized onions and black olives.

We had some friends over on Saturday!!!! It was our first social experience in more than three months. Our friends Jake and Kara have kiddos the same age as ours and have also been totally isolated, so when we found out they were passing through Leavenworth we invited them to stop by.

Maya and Ben have known each other since they were just a few weeks old and have formed a really sweet friendship. Their personalities are super compatible. We truly were overjoyed to be able to provide some socialization for Ben – it had been more than three months since he’s been able to play with another kid his age.

After Maya and her family left on Saturday we took an incredibly spontaneous family bike ride together. Alex brought my bike out from Seattle, which I hadn’t ridden in years, and we hooked the kids bike trailer up to his bike and off we went on a little 9-mile jaunt. I’m still sore from my bike seat.

Alex has been getting really into his mountain bike lately and rides it whenever possible. He took a longer ride on Father’s Day morning up Natopoc Ridge just behind our house. He said the view from the top was incredible and he could see all the way to Lake Wenatchee.

We ended the day with ribs for dinner out on the deck. Alex’s favorite food is ribs and he is working on perfecting this recipe. He nailed it. They were the best ribs I’d ever had.

Our family meals out on the deck are so special for me. Granted they’re also completely chaotic with our two littles, but special nonetheless. The summer weather has been incredible and we’re eating as many meals on our outdoor table as we possibly can.