Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 8

We re-stocked our fridge and pantry last week and I feel like we’re eating like kings! It’s revolutionary how my feelings and ideals surrounding food have shifted amidst the pandemic.

I feel so grateful to see a fruit bowl that has anything in it, as well as the option of asparagus or green beans {or more!} to choose from for dinner. We got a Costco size bag of chips, a weakness of mine, and my favorite bread this week. And a bag of avocados that were divine and about as perfect as avocados can get.

We enjoyed some baking projects with our new food haul. Our grocery shopper opted to get six half gallons of milk that expired in a mere three days. When life gives you about-to-expire milk, make ice cream! And pudding!

Another highlight from the week has been watching Ben ride his two-wheeler. He’s really getting the hang of it and is on the cusp of being able to get himself started without a little support. We took him into the street for the first time over the weekend and man, he is fast!

Of course Hannah wants to do all the things Ben is doing. While Ben cruised around on the street on his pedal bike I pushed Hannah on the balance bike.

These two are having all the fun playing in the dirt together. It’s basically a giant sandbox out by the garden beds and swing set so they can dig in the dirt for hours, it feels like.

I believe we’re nearly at the one-year mark for the kids’ swing set! My dad and brother came out last spring to build it for the kids and little Hannah wasn’t even crawling yet. It’s hard to believe a year later and she’s climbing up the ladder and wanting to swing across the monkey bars. Both kids LOVE the swing set. I get quite an arm workout from pushing them both in the swings.

It’s been so amazing for all of us to have Alex working from home and able to squeeze in a quick lunch or pop up for a coffee refill. The kids have been in such a “dada” mood lately and it’s been very sweet to see.

A fun little highlight for us was our homemade personal pizza night on Friday. The kids got to “decorate” their own mini pizza and just devoured them. I’ll definitely try that one again!

This week was filled with a lot of small moments of joy and gratitude. I have so much appreciation for our surroundings and while I’m starting to get a bit itchy to get out and about I’m so grateful to be able to stay home and safe right now.