Lodge Life: Pandemic Week 25

Well, we’ve spent our last full week of our hiatus out here at The Lodge and we’re preparing to move back to Seattle later this week.

My hands have been thrown up in the air and I’m trying to just enjoy each day. At this point, we know a step above nothing in terms of Ben’s school schedule and all things associated. It’s very hard for me to mentally prepare when I have absolutely no idea what I’m mentally preparing for.

We’re not sure if he has the full virtual learning program the first week of school, or if he has any virtual learning that first week. All we know is that he goes in to meet his teacher and see his classroom sometime that first week. We don’t even know what the “full virtual learning program” entails for a pre-kindergartener.

The second week of school he’s to go in person for one hour a day, we’re just not sure which hour that is and what the remaining four hours of the school day look like.

It’s clear to me I’m going to be provided with the opportunity to embrace constant change and strengthen my flexibility this year.

This last week we were embracing our life in the mountains and enjoying our last days here and the last bits of summer.

The light is fading fast, the sun is sinking lower and lower into the sky and my goodness the leaves are starting to turn. The morning temps are in the upper 40s. Fall is approaching quickly.

One item on my summer activity list that we checked off last week was to do the Tumwater Pipeline hike. I had been wanting to do this hike all spring and summer – I just didn’t want to take the kids there solo for the first time. You just never quite know what you’re getting into…….

As the reviewers warned me, the hike itself is quite anticlimactic. The hike begins with a walk over an impressive old bridge that takes you across the river. From there, it’s a nice walk in the woods. But! It’s flat and I would probably be comfortable taking the kids there on my own again. Now I know!

Ben earned himself a haircut {cut by mom!} last week. Ready for school I guess!

Speaking of back to school, I have no idea what to plan for regarding Ben actually going to school and our living arrangements. Therefore it’s been challenging trying to anticipate wardrobe needs and quantities. In any case, I had fun getting him some new tops and a whole new set of pants.

Thank goodness the kids’ raincoats arrived when they did! We had the tiniest bit of rain and the kids loved it.

We ventured out to the Leavenworth Pump Track last week. It was a strange experience in the middle of the pandemic and we had to wait for the crowds to subside before having the kids take their turn.

We didn’t mind the waiting too much since we had takeout from one of our favorite restaurants.

Hannah had so much fun on her first ride through the pump track. She was so mad at us that we wouldn’t let go of her bike. She needs a bit more practice first.

The day after our pump track trip Ben’s new 16″ bike arrived! We’ve been scouring the internet all summer in search of a bigger bike for Ben and finally Alex found one. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit for Ben.

He adjusted to the new wheels right away – even the new hand brakes, as opposed to the pedal brakes in his last bike. He is SO fast.

Foodie news – I made my first baguette! It turned out really well – I used my regular bread dough that I use to bake our daily loaf with and simply shaped it differently.

I used the baguette for last week’s Friday Night Adult Dinner. We had pan con tomate {bread with tomatoes} and tortilla Espanola. Both of which are some of my favorite Spanish dishes that I’ve been making quite regularly, thanks to my Curate cookbook. It was such a treat to not only have an adult dinner, but have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a tapas-style meal with my in-laws. We had a really lovely evening! {Sorryyyy about the picture.}

Another adulting highlight was Saturday morning. Alex and I headed into Ski Hill together so he could do a long mountain bike ride and I could enjoy a long run. We ended our time with a quick coffee date in the park.

We finished off our last weekend in the mountains with a trip to the beach. The kids loved building sand castles and taking a ride on a kayak and paddle board.

Very surprisingly, no one went for an unexpected swim in the lake! I never stood up on the paddle board when Ben was on there with me – I’m positive if I would have we’d have flipped over.

We’re in our last few days here at The Lodge, enjoying what’s left of our hiatus. I have no idea what’s in store for the fall – heck, the next year. We’re anticipating we’ll be back up here for hiatus part II, but maybe not. In any case, this last 5.5 months have provided the most special family time I could have imagined. Here’s to the next chapter…