Henry Cat’s Secret Life

The other day while I was on a walk with Jackson and Henry {yes, Henry comes on walks on our block with us} I ran into a neighbor who lives 3 houses down from us. We got to chatting about our pets and it turns out Henry spends a lot of time at her family’s house. So much time, in fact, that the other day she found Henry taking a nap in her son’s bed.

{snoozing on the sofa in the media room}

My mouth had to have been agape after she told me that. She said that they have a cat door and he either comes into their house that way or through the window they leave open in their second floor bathroom. Apparently Henry jumps from their fence onto the garage roof and into the window then finds a nice spot for a napĀ or grabs a snack from their kitchen.

I didn’t want to ask her too many questions for fear she would get mad that my cat keeps trespassing into her house, but she seems to really like Henry and said she didn’t mind at all and appreciates his visits. I didn’t get a clear answer on how often, exactly, he pays her these visits, but I’m guessing it’s sporadic. Now I know where to go looking for him if he doesn’t come when he’s called!


I had always assumed he had a second home, as most indoor/outdoor cats do, but this family is not where I assumed he was going. They have two cats, one dog, six kids and a lot going on! That’s the last place I expected him to be venturing off to. Perhaps we’ll stick a little camera on Henry cat’s collar to really get a glimpse into his outdoor life…

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