Hello Preschool!

This week marks Hannah’s first day of preschool! This year Hannah will be attending a local forest preschool two days a week. She’s in a class with ten kiddos and they spend their days outdoors in the mountains!

Beginning preschool is a huge milestone for Hannah, as she’s never been in a school or childcare setting, and honestly hardly away from home or family. I was really, really uncertain how she would do at drop-off. We practiced and practiced and practiced for probably a month leading up to her first day.

The morning of her first day her excitement turned into nervousness and she was very apprehensive, even as we pulled in. I spent a few minutes with her at the gate and once it was time for me to go I said goodbye and she walked right in. She didn’t even say goodbye to me!

{Behind Hannah is the home base for her class. They meet here, have free play and then go out for a hike or an adventure somewhere else on the incredible property!}

I got a really encouraging report from her teacher from her first day and Hannah said she loved it. She even said it felt really quick when I came back to pick her up. I think she is going to really, really thrive here and I just cannot wait to see how her year goes.