Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our little quarantined crew!

Ben was SO excited about Easter this year, in particular, the concept of the Easter Bunny. He asked a bajillion questions and wanted to know every little thing about the famous rabbit. I just love seeing his enthusiasm and his curiosity. We enjoyed watching a video of someone reading the book The Story of the Easter Bunny.

Before bed Ben insisted on setting out some water, carrots and strawberries {!??} for the Easter Bunny, along with a blanket and some stuffies in case he was tired and wanted to take a rest. The stuffies were vital so he’d have something to cuddle with. This sweet boy’s heart is enormous.

Our little eager beaver awoke at 3 in the morning and couldn’t contain his excitement. He shook me awake telling me “MAMA! I found a blue Easter egg hiding on the stairs! It had one, two Cheddar Bunnies inside!” Dear goodness Benjamin. Go back to sleep!

{Hannie was less than thrilled to be awake and doing stuff right away!}

I love doing Easter baskets for the kids. I think it’s a fun way to get a few new activities for spring. Generally I like to do books, a stuffie, and a couple of outdoor toys. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to Easter candy. This year, though, most of my gifts were delayed in their arrival so the baskets were basically just books.

Ben and I ended up spending close to an hour sitting on the couch reading his new books. It was really special. I love children’s books and now that he’s getting older it has been fun to find books with more of a story line.

Here are some of the books we read and loved on Easter morning:

We had a lovely day spent enjoying each other’s company. We didn’t really have a big or special Easter meal this year, though for breakfast I did make incredible cream biscuits for ham, egg and biscuit sandwiches. For dinner we had creamy ham tortellini.

I’ve been doing a lot of baking with the kids and today we made carrot cake cupcakes {note: I detest coconut, so I swapped the coconut for more carrots, and added some chopped pecans}.

These were an absolute hit. I mean, anything underneath cream cheese frosting is bound to be a winner. The kids got sprinkles in their Easter baskets {thanks for the idea, Sarah!} and couldn’t wait to decorate their special cupcake.

While Easter this year was very unusual for many people, for us, it honestly wasn’t that different than it was last year, or otherwise would have been. We did what we love most – spent the holiday with our family, enjoying nature. Happy Easter and happy spring!