Halloween 2022

This was probably the most fun of any Halloween we’ve had so far! Ben and Hannah are at such a fun age to experience and enjoy the holiday.

Leading up to the big day, Ben helped me create his pine tree costume and was *very* specific about how he wanted it to look. It took a few iterations, lots of wrong Amazon purchases, and a ton of patience, but in the end, the actual creation of the pine tree costume was very quick and simple.

Hannah chose to be a witch again, preferring to wear the same costume as last year. Bless her. I opted to twin with her, again, and be a witch too.

I love to make holidays last more than one day, so we indulged in some fun cookie decorating, pumpkin painting, pumpkin carving and Halloween crafts in the weeks approaching Halloween.

On actual Halloween both kids had school and got to celebrate by wearing their costumes and having a party. They both had a wonderful day.

We had so much fun trick-or-treating in town. The businesses in our charming downtown all pass out candy for the kids. It felt extra safe since there are no cars, so that’s a bonus!

We grabbed dinner after hitting the business district, then headed for the neighborhood. Leavenworth really knows how to celebrate Halloween and goes all out! It is SO fun to see a community coming together in such a big way.

Folks were parked on their front lawns in front of a fire, spooky decorations adorned more houses than not, and all the kids in town were out trick-or-treating together. It is such a special experience.

And the best part! They’ve already forgotten about their candy 🙂