Guest Bedroom Update

Our guest bedroom has been one of the most neglected spaces in our house in the four years we have lived here. It has always bothered me because we have so many friends and family members who come to visit that I cringe every time we walk downstairs and welcome them to their rectangle box of a guest room… So, when we decided to embark on a whole-house redecorating kick, the guest room was my top priority.

Here is a “before” photo of the boring space…

{the room had nothing in it other than the bed}
{the room had nothing in it other than the bed}

The room isĀ almost how we envision it looking in its complete state – I just couldn’t resist sharing the progress we have made.


One of the most important things to us was providing a place for our guests to sit and make themselves at home. We found this adorable red chair that matches the quilt quite lovely and offers an accent to the teal drapes and lampshade.


Additionally, it’s always nice to have a place to set your things, so we wanted to be able to offer our guests a dresser where they could unpack or just place things on.




The walls are still a work in progress. We plan on painting the walls and adding a fun accent to the wall behind the bed. Reusing some brown frames we already had, we hung photos from our recent Europe trip above the dresser to give the room a little bit of a travel feel. In time we’ll add some more art to the room to help alleviate some of the blank wall space.



{we will load up this tray with water and snacks for our guests. It’s my hope to get a mini Keurig for our guests to be able to enjoy making coffee in their own little suite :)}

While we were at it with the bedroom, I decided to update the towels and shower curtain in the guest bathroom. We had never purchased either a shower curtain or towels specifically for this bathroom – it kind of just got whatever towels we had on hand, which I have always disliked. I was thrilled to find a gray, mustard yellow and white shower curtain {colors usually out of my realm!} that brightens up the dark bathroom and works with the wall color. Thank you Target! I would like to add some more exciting art than a photo of the Mexican ocean, so stay tuned for the finishing touches… someday!



Hope you like the new space! We can’t wait to have visitors for three of the next four weekends.

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