As we grieve the loss of our puppy I continue to be overwhelmed by the support and condolences offered by our friends, family and the community. I really just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being there for us in this difficult time.

A special thanks to:

My dad. My dad is dealing with the imminent loss of his mother and he is still saddened by the news of Aspen and supportive of us. He knows how important Aspen was to us and somehow with all that he’s got going on he has been so invested in knowing how we are faring. Thank you dad.

Alex’s parents. Donna and Stan just got to see one of Aspen’s best weeks while we were up in Whistler. They cared for Aspen the first week of her life away from the breeder and brought her out to us while Donna was experiencing the loss of her father. We so appreciate the love you had for our Aspen. We know you are sharing the grief we are experiencing.

My mom. My mom never got to meet Aspen and yet, still has gotten worked up over the situation. She always asked how our little furball was doing and continued to be there when things turned for the worse.

Rachel, our puppy class instructor. Rachel said some of the kindest, most heart-felt words about Aspen and the situation. We were currently enrolled in her puppy class and our next class was supposed to be tonight. She dedicated the class to Aspen. Thank you, Rachel, for your instruction and unbelievable kindness.

Ali. Thank you for crying on the phone with me. And thank you for all the toys and treats you have given Aspen over the last few months.

Sara. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, the visit and the continued calls and emails. You are so thoughtful! We are going to miss our play dates with Emma.

Our vet, the techs, and the staff at the emergency vet. We were provided with amazing care to the end. Our vet, Dr. Jones, and his tech were crying with us as we said goodbye. A special thank you to the emergency vet for the lovely card.

Dr. Ruhland at St. Paul Pet Hospital. Thank you for your consultation and support of our decision. You really helped us feel secure about the decision by providing a second opinion. I will always be grateful.

Sarah. Thank you for always listening and for your empathy. I’m sad that you won’t get to meet Aspen in March.

Carrie. Thank you for coming to visit me and bringing such a special bottle of wine. I appreciated the company in my ultra-quiet house.

Our extended family. Thank you for the calls and emails. We so appreciate your concern and thoughts.

To everyone else who called, emailed, sent us a card in the mail, texted, commented on our blog, or sent us a facebook message, thank you so much. It is so comforting to know we have such an incredible network of family and friends. While things have been tough, we have so much to be grateful for. Thank you.

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