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Comb Family Photos 14This morning my grandmother, Mor Mor, crossed over the rainbow bridge after living a very long and full life. She is now peacefully resting, hopefully reunited with her loves in some capacity. For many years now she has told us all candidly that she has been ready to cross over the rainbow bridge. Now that the time has come, I am just left with many fond memories of our time together.


My Mor Mor was a wonderful part of my life. In my adult years, Sundays were our day to chat on the phone, that is, until she could no longer hear me at all. I will always remember our conversations – she made me laugh, told me a saucy story of her days as a Tri Delt, talked about memories of her marriage or first love, Ted Jones, and spoke about life’s greatest gifts.


Ali & Mor Mor 2003

We could all learn a thing or two from her. She was always there when you needed her, she was so thoughtful with her words and had so many lifelong friends. I am so thankful that my grandmother was able to live her last decade or so at Friendship Village. This facility is basically like a dorm for the retired. She was living among friends whom she was in 7th grade with at Ramsey Junior High. I know that living at Friendship Village kept her active and social and close to most of her children.

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One of my favorite recent memories of her was from the last time I saw her, which was over the summer at the cabin. She told me that the ring that she has worn for as long as I can remember was the engagement ring she was given by her first love, Ted Jones. I asked her why she wore that one instead of the one my grandfather gave me. Her response was matter-of-fact, “Well, the stone is bigger.” I think it’s safe to say I got my love of nice jewelry from her.

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As we say goodbye, my thoughts are with my father and his siblings, who were all so lucky to have her as their mother, along with my great aunt Janice and her family.

Summer 2012 078

My cousin, I believe, made a wonderful collection of family photos. Here are a few to remember:

Always a woman of style!

Comb Family Photos 53

Her beautiful family

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