Garage Update: Framing in Progress!

We broke ground on our garage and guesthouse project back in May. In case you missed it, we are building an oversized 3-car garage with a guesthouse on top. It’s been a slow process so far, but the last few weeks have provided significant progress and a whole lot of fun to watch!

Hannah’s birthday marked the day they started pouring the foundation!
Getting ready to pour the slab! The kiddos loved riding their scooters on the smooth surface before the framing began.
One carpenter was working solo here for a while. It’s amazing what one guy can do on his own!
This week the crane truck arrived to put three massive beams in place. The crew was cruising this week!

We have no estimated date of completion for the project – I’m guessing next summer, maybe late spring if we’re really lucky. We were told that the excavators can’t come back to dig to connect the garage to the main house’s septic tank until spring, so that will be a major holdup. There’s a backlog of everything right now, it seems. We’re not in a huge hurry, but it sure will be nice to be able to utilize the garage for storage!