Emergency Preparedness

Maybe it’s the former lifeguard in me, maybe it’s my inner mama bear, I’m not quite sure, but I’m a stickler on emergency preparedness. I’m a planner by nature, and while you can’t plan for every situation, I’d at least like to be prepared in case we find ourselves in the middle of a disaster or emergency.

With all the devastation out here on the west coast I felt compelled to check and re-stock my emergency kits and work with the kids on a fire emergency plan for both houses.

We’re well-stocked on water, non-perishables and all the things in Seattle. I realized I need to create a better kit for our mountain house, too.

Because I typically drive back and forth between Seattle and the mountains on a weekly basis with my kids I have an expansive emergency kit in my car. I just added my bin with winter gear back into my car now that we’re on the cusp of cooler weather out here.

In our older car we have one of these handy window breaking tools. I had to double check with my brother, a former firefighter, about the effectiveness in our 2019 car. Basically most cars made after mid-2017 will have laminated glass, therefore one of these tools will not work to break it in an emergency.

I hope this post serves as a reminder to either double check yours and make sure your kits and plans are up-to-date, or to create an emergency kit and plan for your family. And here’s hoping you never have to use it!

Here are a few resources I’ve used to pull together my emergency supplies and plans: