Big Changes for the Allens

We’ve got some major changes taking place in our little lives right now! Exciting times for the Allens 🙂

Alex recently accepted a new position within his company that will move him to a new team and will relocate his office to the city of Seattle {in a really awesome neighborhood!} instead of a nearby suburb. He officially starts his new position on Monday but has been going in occasionally over the last two weeks to participate in some planning meetings and trainings. In his new role, he will still be developing software, just for a different team within the company. He is really looking forward to a change of pace and working in a smaller segment of his company.

Last week I accepted a new part-time job that I will be adding to my existing part-time job. I began working as a household manager/personal assistant this week to a family in our neighborhood {a whopping 2 blocks away!}. My new role will be about 8 hours a week {2 hours, 4 days per week} and I’ll be basically just helping this family run their household by doing things like running errands, doing their grocery shopping, folding laundry, planning meals and preparing food for them. It’s a pretty awesome gig and I’m really excited about it!

With these new positions, Alex and I have been trying to work out our new schedule/routine. Since I will have a little bit of extra money coming in, I am hoping that we will both be able to find a good facility to exercise at. It would sure be great to get in a workout routine again. I have a feeling we will be setting our alarms a little bit earlier, though…

I am hoping that Alex will love his new role, team and commute, and so far I am really enjoying my new position, too!

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