Big changes coming

So far 27 has been full of big news that means big changes for our little household. Alex and I have been patiently waiting to hear if one of the three dog breeders we’ve been in contact with will be providing us with a new puppy this spring or not. We heard last Friday that our favorite breeder’s litter had been born the night before, providing 4 boys and 2 girls but we still didn’t know if we’d be lucky enough to be one of those pups owners. Well, we got the good news on Monday that the breeder had selected us to care for one of her golden retriever puppies! {If you want to check out the breeder, you can visit her website here. The dad is Kolby, but mom isn’t listed on the site.}

Mama {Macy} with her 6 babies!
Mama {Macy} with her 6 babies!

We aren’t sure if we’ll be getting a boy or a girl yet. The breeder will pick our puppy for us based on a personality and lifestyle match. This breeder has been breeding golden retrievers for about as long as Alex and I have been alive, so we trust her knowledge much better than ours. The breeder is located in Salem, Oregon, which is about three and a half hours from us, but we will plan on making a trip to meet the breeder and the puppies likely the first weekend of May. The pups will be about five weeks old at that time. Depending on how the puppies grow and develop, we are expecting ours to come home with us at the age of seven weeks, which is the weekend of May 18th.

In other news, I have officially accepted a job offer! I will be working as the Program Director for a local non-profit organization that provides free tutoring to about 100 elementary age students across four schools in Seattle. My role with the company will be to oversee the tutoring and ensure the program is operating smoothly. I am really looking forward to this because my last job was extremely comparable. This position is mostly work-from-home, with the exception of being on-site at the tutoring locations and meeting with my boss and the board of directors on occasion. I start working on Friday and will be working part-time, which means I am going to be finding another small job to do on the side.

These two bits of news go quite well together. My last job was a work-from-home position and I grew to really enjoy the flexibility of that option, as well as the sole fact of being at home during the day to take care of things around the house. After receiving the news that we were getting a puppy in May it helped me to make my decision on accepting the job since I’d be able to be home during the day to care for the puppy and not have to rely on a dog walker or doggie daycare, which we figured out will save us $600 per month!

Meanwhile, I am savoring my last few days before heading back into the workforce. I’ve got a huge spring cleaning checklist to accomplish, our vacation to finish planning, and I’ve been enjoying lunch dates all week with some lovely girl friends of mine. Carrie met me at University Village yesterday and we had a wonderful lunch at Specialties Cafe – I hardly get to seeĀ just Carrie – it’s almost always a group, so it was a nice treat to catch up just the two of us. Before meeting up with Carrie I did a bit of shopping for some new spring, work-appropriate outfits at Banana Republic. Today Ali and her sweet {almost} four month old Vivian and I are going for a run around Green Lake and then grabbing a bite to eat. Tomorrow night, Alex and I are going to go out to celebrate my new job and I’m going to check out a few things at Nordstrom. And I have a dinner party to plan for Saturday night. I guess I’m busier than I had realized this week…

More fun updates to come on the puppy situation…

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