Ben’s Photo Shoot

It’s already been more than a month since Ben’s newborn photo shoot, so he has changed tremendously, but these photos will always serve as a good reminder of what he looked like right around his due date. He was 7 weeks old and probably around 5ish pounds I think. Our photographer, Kim Hildebrand, did such a fantastic job of capturing our life at home with Ben…

ben.7.weeks-066 ben.7.weeks-065 ben.7.weeks-047 ben.7.weeks-013

ben.7.weeks-035 ben.7.weeks-039 ben.7.weeks-042

ben.7.weeks-063 ben.7.weeks-052 ben.7.weeks-054 ben.7.weeks-051 ben.7.weeks-049 ben.7.weeks-011 ben.7.weeks-093 ben.7.weeks-002