Ben’s First Hike

I’ve been wanting to get out on a hike all summer and for some reason we never made it happen until this past weekend. It was SO nice to be out in the mountains and in nature. We hadn’t taken Ben on a hike yet but this weekend afforded us the perfect opportunity. We opted for a quick, short, easy hike and it worked out really well!


We’ve got an Ergo Baby carrier for Ben, so that made it super easy to carry him on the trails. He was such a trooper and so curious about his surroundings. He seems like quite an inquisitive little guy.


It is so fun now that Ben is getting older and being awake more and so much more alert. We are so looking forward to more weekends exploring the Pacific Northwest with him!


It’s our hope to get out at least once a week/end to do a hike or go on an adventure together as a family. Washington state is so unbelievably gorgeous and diverse and we can’t wait to show Ben around, not to mention explore ourselves! We’ve got a lot to learn about the landscape here and it’s such a perfect opportunity to do so while teaching Ben.