An Early Start to Winter

This fall was truly the strangest. We had three months of smoke, followed by literally two weeks of fall weather, then, just a few days after Halloween we got 8 inches of snow! The first weeks of November were unseasonably chilly, so the snow stuck around and is here to stay. I’ve lost count, but I’m positive we’ve had more than 50 inches of snow so far.

The early snow caught pretty much everyone off guard, us included. I think we were more ready than a lot of people, but there is truly so much to do to prepare for the snow around here.

Hannah had a really easy transition to wearing her snow gear to school and being outside all day in the cold. Thankfully her body runs pretty hot, so I’m sure that worked in her favor when the weather changed so abruptly. I buy her gear from Reima, which is an incredible Scandinavian company.

Within a few days of the first big snowfall the Nordic ski trails near us miraculously opened! I still can’t believe it. Not only did they open on November 11th, they stayed open.

I set a goal for the winter to get 100 days on skis in. I’m really glad I was able to get such an early jump-start, as it’s harder to squeeze in a ski than I expected! I am at 20 days so far. Now that winter is really here I’m hoping to ski most days.

The kids have already had several days on skis, too!

I’m so impressed, particularly with Hannah, this year. On the first Nordic ski day we were able to make it so much farther and Hannah had so much more endurance than she did last year. I really can’t wait to see how that translates into downhill skiing this year.

It took a few extra weeks for the resorts to open up alpine skiing, and by now, they’re open.

We were also able to get our skating rink up and running!

Both kids are skating so well! These are Hannah’s first days of ice skating unsupported on her own and she is so sturdy and stable. Ben is figuring out that if he slows down, he falls less. Alex is working on his hockey stop.

Now that winter is officially beginning this week, it feels like it’s been here for almost two months! The snow has truly been so much fun. I’m also not usually the one on the working end of the snow blower or shovel {thank you Alex!}. Here’s to a snowy, white winter filled with adventures and skiing!!