15 pounder!

We’ve got a 15 pounder on our hands. Our little “meatball” is growing like a weed now that he’s a ten week old puppy. He has been doing awesome – he’s such a fun addition to our lives.

Our happy little man.
Our happy little man.

Jackson started going on walks this week! This started gradually over the last few days. We began taking him for walks just on our block, then progressed up to the next block and over the course of three days we’re now walking up to 12 blocks each walk. Today we went for three walks. It’s great to have some variety in Jack’s exercise – some walks, some running around the backyard, playing fetch, and hopefully swimming sometimes in the summer. So far, though, Jackson is walking like a champ – it’s impressive to see how quickly he is learning.

Jackson and Alex walking together.
Jackson and Alex walking together.

One thing we’re not tolerating is Jackson jumping up on people, so we’re working very hard at this when meeting new people. This is a very difficult task, though, because everyone is so excited to see a cute furry puppy and will continue to pet him even if he jumps up on them, thus reinforcing his jumping. It’s so nice when people ask if they can pet him first so that we can ensure he’s set up for success.

Such a good walker!
Such a good walker!

In other news, Jackson has been having some digestion issues and because of that, we’re not able to give him his second round of puppy shots tomorrow, as planned, so we have to delay that until next week. Things have been improving in his belly since we’ve started probiotics, a medication and kept his food consistent to one protein source instead of more of a variety.

Even though he's got tummy troubles, he's still a growing puppy. He used to be the same length as the monkey.
Even though he’s got tummy troubles, he’s still a growing puppy. He used to be the same length as the monkey.

We had our first puppy class yesterday which was just for the puppy owners. The puppy school is much more professional and organized than our previous experience with Aspen’s puppy school, which was chaotic and unstructured. I am really looking forward to next week when Jackson gets to go to class. We are also planning on bringing him to a puppy play group on Monday nights so that he can have extra socialization with puppies.

This is how much space Jackson currently takes up in my kitchen...
This is how much space Jackson currently takes up in my kitchen…

In closing, our highlight right now is that Jackson is on his tenth consecutive accident free day! He’s doing fantastic.

So happy :)
So happy 🙂

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