Hannah is 22 Months!

Our Hannie girl is 22-months old and is growing up right before our eyes in the mountains. This is the third month-by-month update I’ve done for her while we’ve been social distancing at The Lodge. She truly is going to be a different kid whenever it is we move back home to Seattle! I wonder […]

Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 11

We’re in our eleventh week here at The Lodge. Certainly by now we’ve adjusted to this strange “normal” we’ve all found ourselves in. We haven’t done any recent outings, aside from a drive to the gas station to fill up the gas can for the lawn mower. Last week was pretty mellow and we enjoyed […]

Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 10

It’s been another exciting week over here in quarantine. We started planting our vegetable garden, Alex got a lawn tractor, we went to the BEACH {!!!!!} and we had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother’s Day. Early last week we entered into “phase one” of our state’s re-opening. Mostly it opened up some outdoor recreation opportunities […]

Hannah is 21 Months!

Sweet Happy Hannah is 21-months old! She is SO much fun. Alex and I absolutely adore her bright personality. She has become so independent and is really starting to round the corner to acting like a two-year old. This last month with Hannah has definitely been a favorite. Hannah’s 21-Month Stats: Weight: 26 pounds, 6 […]

Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 7

We’ve been out at The Lodge for just over 6 weeks. By now we’ve certainly settled into our new normal and have a pretty good routine going. We’ve been away from our regular lives for so long that I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on our quarantine time lately. For me in particular, this […]

Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 6

We’ve officially been living out at The Lodge for over a month now as we’re at the beginning of our sixth week here. We are all healthy and doing well and feeling so very fortunate to be riding this out in the mountains. This last week was filled with sunshine, frustration with our threenager, potty […]