April in The Mountains

Unexpectedly, we ended up spending almost the entire month of April in the mountains at our home outside of Leavenworth. I couldn’t have asked for a better time or better weather. We had the absolute best time watching late winter turn into spring in the mountains. We arrived at the end of March to celebrate […]

Hannah is 2-3/4!

Hannie girl is really rounding the corner on turning 3! I’m over a month late in posting this, so she’s really going on 2.85. She’s the sweetest most nurturing little girl, yet so tenacious and full of fire and force. It has been so much fun watching her come into herself. What a personality she […]

We Moved to the Mountains!

I can’t imagine this will come as too much of a surprise to anyone, but we moved to our mountain house! With everything going on, plus getting a new computer I haven’t figured out yet, I haven’t stayed on top of the blog. Here’s my attempt at catching up! Long story short, the kids and […]

A Year into the Pandemic

A year ago today our family packed up and headed east to hunker down and try to escape the craze surrounding us in Seattle. We had no idea, like anyone else, what we were in store for or how the pandemic would shape our lives. Alex’s employer had just announced a two-week work-from-home order {which […]

Hannah is 2 1/2!

Our sweet, fiery girl is two and a half! Hannah brightens everyone’s day with her tender, nurturing heart; enthusiasm; sense of humor and positivity. She is absolutely hilarious and her little one liners are getting better and better every week. Hannah’s 2 – 1/2 Stats: Weight: 29.5 pounds {80th percentile, as of a while ago} […]

Happy New Year

With the start of 2021 comes a new set of intentions for me. I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of reflecting these last few weeks. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect 2020 to look and feel the way it did. I really feel like I’m coming out of the year a very different, […]

Christmas 2020

As with much of the rest of the world, our Christmas was a bit quiet and low-key. Despite not being together in person with family or friends, our holiday was very, very special. Ben and Hannah are at such a fun age for all of the holiday hoopla and were really into everything Christmas-related this […]

Pandemic: Weeks 37, 38 & 39

It feels really strange to keep track of the pandemic “weeks” these days. It just feels like normal life at this point. Someday I’ll be curious to look back on this time and I’d love to remember how many weeks we were living in the middle of a pandemic. For now, I am struggling to […]